Thanks in part to the special circumstances of my relatively new PhD program, as well as opportunities afforded by the Chicago area, I have accumulated extensive teaching experience. I taught writing (English Rhetoric & Composition, including Developmental English) throughout my MA program and since then at community colleges in Birmingham and Chicago. In my time at UIC, I had the opportunity to teach a variety of communication courses. From 2010 to 2014 I taught UIC’s junior- and senior-level rhetoric courses in Argument & Persuasion and Discourse & Rhetoric. These two courses together comprised a year-long, intensive track in rhetorical theory. I designed these courses to provide an overview of rhetorical thought encompassing the Humanities, the discursive orientation of Cultural Studies, and the persuasion and attitude change literature of Psychology and Sociology, with an emphasis on visual rhetoric, persuasive technologies, and digital media and technology. For several years, I’ve used persuasioning.wordpress.com for all of my seminar courses (most recently Media, Culture & Communication). My students’ reading responses are archived on the site and provide an interesting look at their intellectual development.

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